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enter Sweetbird’s songs fill your heart with love and hope for humanity. How many artists can make you feel like that? Buy Provigil In Mexico -Bruce Loment (CHINASKI)

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go to link Sweetbird’s music is a journey into the wondrous realm of Love, Light and Life. Spiritual scientists note that humanity has been evolving toward a higher level of consciousness over the millennia. As consciousness continues to ascend toward the level of what Paramahansa Yogananda called, Christ consciousness, there will be a greater manifestation of Love and Light on earth. Importantly, music will play a significant role in helping to shift consciousness as humanity evolves.


source site In 1924, nearly 80 years prior to the transformative, consciousness-shifting “I Am Love” revelation that gave birth to Sweetbird in 2002, spiritual scientist, Rudolf Steiner, noted:

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http://unityofcolorado.org/calendar-10/action~agenda/page_offset~-2/time_limit~1310858999/request_format~html/ “But the very thing to which I have referred, which constitutes a climax in human evolution, the appearance of the form of Christ, the very living, spiritually living, form of Christ – this is something which was in a certain sense wonderfully attained through Renaissance painting, and that which preceded it, but which will need to be found through the musical.”

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follow site Music is appreciated by many and known to have remarkable healing power. A simple song has the capacity to lift hearts to great heights and generate immeasurable joy and peace. Less well known and appreciated is the role of consciousness in healing. Healing is the result of a shift in consciousness. Every perceived illness is an opportunity to rise in consciousness in the Light of Love toward Christ consciousness and heal.

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Buy Cytotec Online India In his illuminating book, Healing and Recovery, Dr. David R. Hawkins observes that health recovery is greatly facilitated by the unseen power of consciousness itself. All illnesses are physical, mental, and spiritual. The highest levels of recovery are the consequence of simultaneously addressing all three levels and seeing them as being of equal importance.

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go here It is our sincere hope that in the process of listening to Sweetbird, you find the inspiration to transcend whatever you are confronting and become regenerated in the Light that is Love that promotes and sustains Life.


Can I Buy Amoxicillin Over The Counter Uk For more about Sweetbird, click here: “I Am Love Illumination

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